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A new Cleric General!

Kailinas Highsun has taken the mantle of Cleric General, and leads Mercy Sect.

The Light's Accord -- Victorious!

Having freed the souls of Commander Yvaa'ra and her team, as well as saved the Army's outpost of Aldor'an, the Accord returns to Azeroth.

To Argus, With Vereesa, For Alleria!

The morale of the High Elves has never been so high in the decades since their kingdom fell. We're bringing her home.

Sprite Darter Training!

If you've a fae companion of your own, now they can earn experience when accompanying you out on events and unlock perks!

Orders are Orders...

The story of Mage Commander Stratus Manafont continues. Have we seen the last of him?

You are not prepared!

-- Or maybe you are! Click here to see a list of what to get caught up on for our massive storylines in the upcoming expansion.
Who are we?

Following the sin'dorei breach of peace at the Tournament of Ages' diplomatic summit, Aeriyth Dawnsorrow has shifted the focus of the Highguard into an elite, deployable unit under the Silver Covenant - much akin to the force sent to the Isle of Thunder. Comprised of high elves, half-elves and humans, the new Highguard - The Silver Covenant Highguard - operates out of Dalaran's Silver Enclave. Once more, the Highguard's sigil changed to reflect this new dawning of purpose upon it, and with an interesting ode to its leader's symbolic weapon.

The Highguard - often called the Blue and Gold of Quel'Thalas - is an RP-PVP / D100 / Free-form guild that strives to offer a multitude of options for events and an immersive environment for high elven roleplay. The leadership core always has something for everyone to do, from massive server-wide RP-PVP campaigns to the table-top style of Dungeons and Dragons.

With customisable but not-too-complicated character sheets for our events, we offer a wide variety of fun and work to fit your character in with ours - and never discount your character's backstory. If a Ranger Captain joins up with the Highguard, they stay a Ranger Captain. If a Knight or Dame does the same, even joining up with the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'Thalas, they retain their knighthood. Any rank or title that your character has achieved in roleplay or backstory will -never- be ignored, even if you are at the lowest Highguard rank.

We strive to uphold an immersive, welcoming and mature atmosphere for the blossoming high elven roleplay scene on Moon Guard, and are always looking for individuals who wish the same.

Questions? Here's our FAQ!
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