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This is still a current work in progress. Think of it like a beta. Things will be added in the coming weeks, such as feats and a Ctrl+F Table of Contents. If you have any questions on anything, post it here, or catch me online.
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0.0 Introduction.

To begin, this has been an unnerving pain in the ass. This is NOT a tradition D&D/D20 system. This has been cut to pieces and glued back together into some form of a monster of Frankenstein. With that said, it has been fun to work on, and I hope to see it one day become the community standard for roleplaying on Moon Guard.

1.0 Requirements and set-ups.
First and foremost, WE. ARE. ROLEPLAYERS. As such, I full well expect all users of this system to have some sort of Mary Sue Protocol (MSP) based system. I personally enjoyed TotalRP2, as it was a very thorough, if complicated, mod. That said, TRP2 has numerous extra features, such as a language generator and item creator, that interfere with more commonly used mods that do the same thing, IE Tongues and Gryphonheart Items. As such, I use MyRoleplay. It's a simple mod that's very easy to learn and only involves an even easier to use player card. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT AND I WILL ENDEAVOR TO BEAT IT INTO YOUR HEADS SO THAT YOU UNDERSTAND IT COMPLETELY AND THOROUGHLY: WHATEVER MOD YOU USE, MAKE A BACK UP FILE OF IT ON YOUR DESKTOP. THESE MODS ARE PRONE TO DELETING SAVED CONTENT AND IT IS A GIANT PAIN TO REPLACE.

Now repeat that ten times until you know what you need to do after you write up your backstory. I'll wait. Got it? Good. Next part. From my experience with TRP2 and MRP, both have a Description sheet. This is where things start getting fun. While I'll begin going into more details of each later on in the guide, first and foremost, you will need to list this in your Description tab as written below.

Sword and Board:
Hand to Hand:
Dual Wielding:
Two Handed:

Khaz Modani:


Now, I know you'll have questions. Just bear with this guide, and hopefully everything will be answered. For now, be aware of a few things. D20? Not happening anymore. With this system, we'll be rolling 100. RNG eating you alive because of, well, RNG? Now you actually have a better chance of surviving. So let's get to the meat of everything.

1.1 Starting a Character.
To begin, we'll start simply at level one, or 55. Of course, you're going to pick what basic class to play as on WoW, be it a classic Warrior, or a Paladin, or whatever. These basic classes will also be gone into depth later on with the Roleplaying Classes, including the issue with Death Knights that will be explained shortly.
I've always been an advocate for roleplaying by level. I see no reason why, beyond sheer dumb luck of course, that a level one Orc, fresh from Durotar, could stand his own against a max-leveled Human, who's fought dragons, Demons, and all manner of other things that make a day on Azeroth normal. Now, counter to that, that level one Orc may have been a veteran of the wars on Draenor. I understand backstory takes a big importance to creating a character. And perhaps one day that aspect can be addressed and fulfilled. But for the now, when you create a character, both it as a player character for WoW, and as your Roleplaying Avatar, will start at one. This will be explained further as to why in the next section.

1.2 Skills, Modifiers, and Feats.
The basis of what defines this system versus the normal D20 system prevalently used is a new Skill system. This is what broke it away from a D20 system and now requires it be D100. This is also how the afore-mentioned Level system will work. At Level one, when you first create your character, you will be given 4 Skill Points to be spent on any of the 17 Skills, all of which cap at at 100. As you level up, you will be given another 3 points to spend. Now, with the level cap at 100, you should total out at 400 points. Skills will be flexible that you may redistribute points in between major events, but not during. After all, no sense in someone who's talented in using a Sword and Shield suddenly become a master at slinging a spell, right? It also keeps you from becoming too over-powered. We as players are Lesser Heroes, not of the same calibre as Varian Wrynn, Thrall, and other Legends.
With that said, Feats will take over where the lack of Skill points arise. Feats are modifiers that come in two flavors, Standard and Class, and each come in three tiers. Standard feats are able to be taken by anyone, while Class feats are Class or Class Archetype specific, more on that later. Bear in mind, though, that feats take precedence over standard skill points. If you have a Feat that pushes a skill over 100, those points are wasted and will need to be reallocated. Feats will be listed in more detail far later in this guide, in their own section.

1.2.0 Skill Subsection

1.2.1 Sword and Board: The classic of the warrior, whether a valiant knight, or an immovable vanguard, the sword and board is any one handed weapon paired with a shield of some sort, be it a proper shield, or something more esoteric.

1.2.2 Hand to Hand: A rather uncommon method of fighting on Azeroth, only recently brought to the frontlines by the Tuishi and Houjin Monks of the Wandering Isle. This combat style is represented by fists and fist based weapons. Feet as well. Or hooves.

1.2.3 Dual Wielding: The berzerker's favored. Charge into battle with a weapon in each hand, just like Uncle Grom would be proud of. This skill also represents any class that wields two one handed wepaons, Warriors who dual wield with Titan's Grip. Because two giant hammers are better then two regular hammers.

1.2.4 Two Handed: With that said, Uncle Grom didn't use two weapons. He charged in with one mighty axe howling for gore. This skill represents any melee weapon held with both hands, staves and spears included.

1.2.5 Ranged: The smart man's weapon of choise. This skill represents any bows, rifles, crossbows, and the occasional thrown spear or axe. Just stay towards the back and feign death with people look at you sourly.

1.2.6 Casting: The SMARTER man's choice for ranged. Oh sure, anyone can shoot a rifle, but it takes a real genius to throw a fireball. This skill represents all forms of casted magic, from Mages, to Warlocks, to Druids and Shaman. Shamans? Shamen? But what about Shawomen?

1.2.7 Healing: This skill represents all form of healing, whether it be a Paladin or a Priest channeling the Light, or a Warrior putting on a Transformer's band-aid.

1.2.8 Defensive: They say a good offense is a good defense. This skill is primarily for countering attacks made by enemy rolls. It covers all manners of defense, from blocking a sword with a wooden shield, to blocking a fireball with a wooden shield. Would not recommend that last one.

1.2.9 Command: Got a minion? A Ghoul? A Pet? No, Goldshirean don't count. Send them to do battle alongside you! This skill represents all attack rolls made by your pet, as well as all defense rolls made to protect them.

1.2.10 Khaz Modani Technology: Understand and work with Gnomish and Dwarven Technologies, from the simply Gyrocopter, to the massive Steam Tonk.

1.2.11 Thalassian: Understand and work with High and Blood Elven technology, from Arcane Sentries, to the dreaded Mana Bomb.

1.2.12 Goblin Technology: Understand and work with (Sorta) Goblin Technology, from grenades to Zepplins to Shredders. This also includes the technology of the Iron Horde

1.2.13 Titanic: Understand the ancient technology of the Pantheon. Though such cosmic technology exists on Azeroth, tinkering with it could be dangerous.

1.2.14 Naaru: Understand and work with the futuristic technology of the Naaru, including the dimensional ships of the Tempest Keep.

1.2.15 Mo'Arg: Understand and work with the tainted technologies of the Burning Legion, including the Nether Teleporters, and the massive Fel Reaver.

1.2.16 Ethereal: Understand and work with the mysterious technologies of the Ethereals, from energy pylons, to energy barriers.

1.2.17 Perception: The over-arching skill that determines any means of finding. Seeing, hearing, smelling, touch for the blind, and tasting for the really strange.
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For those of you who love the Dominion of the Sun system, we'll be implementing Hero Abilities for the next Highguard story campaign. What's a hero ability? It's your chance to be creative and personalise your charsheet in a new way.

A Hero Ability can be used only once every three days, and it does whatever you want it to do, for however much damage. For example, Lynnesta can use her hero ability to revive a KO'd character to return to the fight, or Aeriyth can shoot a massive phoenix, setting all enemies on fire for 5 damage!

All you gotta do is come up with a hero ability, and add it at the bottom of your charsheet.
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