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With the new charsheet system, events are a lot less RNG based and you have some control, but it can LOOK daunting when in reality, it isn't.

Let's look at a few examples, for Aeriyth fighting a shredder. In each encounter, you'll be given the boss' stats, this shredder will have 80 Offense, and 80 defense added to its rolls of either. You'll see what I mean:

I /roll and get a 45, but since I plan to emote with a bow, I look in my character sheet and see that I have a skill of 100 with bow. So I add 100 to the 45, for a roll of 145. Now, I emote a bare-bones emote.

Aeriyth draws her bow, and fires off an arcane arrow at the shredder.

The DM will roll for the shredder, and rolls a 50 for defense. Adding the 50 to his skill of 80 in defense, the roll is 130 to defend. Sadly, that's not enough to beat my roll of 145, so he loses a point of HP.

HP for bosses and for players is always stated at the beginning of an encounter, and your DMs will be able to help you along should you have questions of what you can and can't do. Let's say you roll a defense roll that is SUPER high, like 180 when all your friends get attacked. Perhaps you wish to use that roll to avoid damage, -and- help someone else who didn't roll high enough? Ask a DM for special circumstances like that, it may be allowed or it may not be.

This will be updated as this system goes on, with basic tutorials thanks to Cyonos for educating us all.
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