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Q: What is up with elven eyes?

A: Elven eyes, as we understand from lore, are based off of the magic the elves feed off of. In the books it's stated that high elves have various different colour irises, as Alleria has green, but the glow is what is most noticable. Arcane is the blue glow, fel is the green, and in WC3 we see high elven sorceresses with purple glow. What we can then draw as a conclucion is that the High Elven sorceresses in WC3 feed off of ley energies, hence the purple of their eye glow.

Q: What is up with the high elf Silver Covenant warlock trainer in Dalaran?

A: Well. A lot of people say "because Blizzard is lazy" but the druid trainer is a Night Elf. So if it was "cause lazy", why didn't they make the druid trainer a high elf? They could've made the lock trainer a human. What we can understand from lore is that using magic does not equal feeding off of it, which gives the elves that eye glow colour. It can be a tough line to walk for a high elf warlock, toiling with demonic forces, and makes little sense on why they'd do that if they refused to imbibe the fel with the Blood Elves. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Use the Legion against itself?

Q: I read the Manga, Silvermoon and Quel'Danas had red and gold buildings before Arthas came through, which means the High Elves hating red is new. What's up?

A: This was a new revelation once a Blizzard lore writer confirmed it. Yes, high elven architecture was a combination of red/gold, blue/gold and silver mixed in too. From what we can piece together, the dislike for red came from when they were exiled for not accepting the Fel, and became sour towards the "sin'dorei" who changed their banner colour to red...And also perverted their golden home with the demonic taint.

Q: How do you Roleplay the Silver Covenant?

A: We have very good imaginations, and use our humans on Moon Guard, coupled with the Orb of the Sin'dorei and Reflecting Prism to be as close to high elves as we can be! Good fanon, Out-of-character standards, transmog, Tongues the addon and Total RP 3 profiles help us flesh out what we do.

Q: I want to wear red. Can I?

A: Absolutely! Your character could very well fancy the colour and not care about the racial stigma towards it. You might get some confused or annoyed looks from the other high elves, but rock your fashion!
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