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Aeriyth / Jan 01, 2018
This patch introduces a new Perk system for the D20. For players looking for a more advanced D20 experience, you may spend skill points on Perks. It could prove a worthwhile investment! Each perk costs 10 Skill Points.

Once a day you may use your magical wiles to convince an NPC into an action.

Once a day you may loot a non-boss enemy for some goodies.

Once a day you may heal your companion to full with this magical salve.

Final Word
When an attack reduces you to 0 HP, you instead hold out at 1 HP for the following Attack Phase. Then, you go down.

If you take 0 DMG from an attack, you can choose to intervene and take another player’s damage for them.

Abjurer’s Touch
Once a day you may use your Arcane Skill on a Defense Phase to manifest a shield around you or another. The shield blocks damage equal to Arcane Skill.

Divine Intervention
Requires 20 in Light
Requires In-Character Faith
Once a day you may attempt to call upon the Light to intervene for you. /roll 100 and if 10 or lower, it is successful. The DM will emote what happens. Once Divine Intervention succeeds, it cannot be used for 7 days.

Merciful Touch
Your healing spells now affect an additional player for half.

You sacrifice your healing dice for a single 1d8, and in exchange, you can attack and heal on the same Attack Phase.

We will continue to expand and tweak this system to provide another interesting way to play your character out in the D20. SHIN'DO SQUIG

Aeriyth / Jan 01, 2018
​​Patch 2.1.1 has a few changes to the D20 system! As marked in bold below.


5 Skill Points = + 1 2
10 Skill Points = + 2 4
15 Skill Points = + 3 6
20 Skill Points = + 4 8


This modifier was once capped at 10, and only allowed you to have your pet attack on your turn with their health, atk and defense modified by 10.


Command may be used to intimidate, coerce, convince or order an NPC.

Command now caps at 20.

Command still allows your pet to attack on your turn. Their health, atk and defense can be modified up to 20 with the raised Command cap.


Multiply your skill points by 5, and then add an additional 5 10 for your HP total.


Mercy Sect

Divine Intervention Sacred Plea: When reduced to 50% HP, first revive 1 KO'd member to half of their HP. Then, while at 50% HP or lower, your successful heals now effect 1 2 additional members on the field.

Battlemage Corps

Ley Advantage: After 3 successful spell hits, roll an additional D10 above 3 on your fourth successful spell to split it into 3 bolts, dealing 3x damage to 1 target. The 3 bolts only take into account an enemy’s base Magical Defense stat. If your D10 fails, Ley Advantage is reset.

Silver Hand of Quel’Thalas

Avenging Wrath: When 30% of allies are KO, successful Attack Phase rolls strike twice. Additionally, you may heal an ally and attack on the same phase.

812th Battalion: Farstriders

Windrunner's Legacy: Every successful defense roll in a wooded area grants a counter attack for normal damage. +10 DMG on a successful Sneak Attack.


Horadrim: When demons are near, you gain advantage (roll twice, take the higher of the two) on perception checks.

​+ 5 10 DMG to Demonkin

​Illidari take half fel damage and once every 5 turns may use Spectral Sight for a guaranteed flawless perception check from the DM.

Aeriyth / Apr 28, 2017
While the support of House Inarthis was stolen away from the sin'dorei, they managed to strike a heavy blow against Nor'theldran Estate, and with it the death of the House's leader, Elon.

Elon begrudgingly took a shine to the high elves that stumbled upon one of his tomes in Azsuna, and championed their entry into Suramar's Crescent Resistance. He, along with his beloved Erona Valtorin, took in the would-be colonists as they proved themselves fearsome, and vital allies against Elisande and the Legion's hold on Suramar. When the time came to march upon the Nighthold, and the Grand Magistrix unleashed the Time-Lock spell, it was Elon's bravery in blasting the Highguard backwards that enabled them to further pursue the city's liberation, even at the temporary cost of his imprisonment. When the Nighthold was freed, so was Arcanist Elon, and he pledged the support of his house to the high elven effort to settle within.

He was a very good man.

House Nor'theldran is survived by Erona Valtorin, whom - at the time of the assault upon the estate - was elsewhere in the city helping Niieve Dawnsorrow give birth to a healthy, baby boy; Vastion Dawnlight.

As the elves of the Convocation look forward, the Broken Shore is within sight. A home must be established within Suramar, a navy rebuilt and defenses established to protect the jewel of a hard-won fight.


We're transitioning RP focus. At last, we can set up a home inside the city. Scope out places to live, set up RP and what-not around Lunastre Estate. With the city's ships and harbour, it's an easy staging point for an assault on the Isles, given that the Highguard's naval capacity was reduced during the first assault on it.

There's much to get started on for the settlement, and after you've picked where your character would like to live, pick what they'd like to do within it! Colonial guard, Intelligence, Magical education, tradeskills, what-have-you! For more reading on who heads up what, and what's out there, click here.

Aeriyth / Mar 30, 2017
Table of Contents
  1. A Future in Suramar
  2. Cross-Faction Campaigns
  3. Multi-Guild RP
  4. Tournament of Ages
  5. New D20 Pet System
  6. New D20 Bromance System

A Future in Suramar
Elisande and Gul'dan are defeated, and with that victory Suramar is freed from the tyranny of the Legion. The Night Elves, High Elves, Blood Elves and Nightborne rebels - with the aid of the Kirin Tor - united to achieve this crucial victory, and now the Legion's ships have returned. While most military might turns towards stopping the gateway opened within the Tomb of Sargeras, there is still much work to be done in the ancient, elven city for all to return, or find, a life there.

For the elves of the Highguard, Suramar is seen as their biggest chance to settle down and establish a community to repair their fractured numbers. In time their gaze shall travel the seas towards Quel'Thalas, but for now...For now at least there is this.

Elon Nor'theldron, rescued from the Nighthold, has pledged his house towards seeing the high elves flourish within the capitol of their shared, noble heritage, and a Colony long in development to take root. This was the dream of many scattered, high elven leaders, brought together under the banner of the Convocation, and now it is finally come to pass.

Positions are available within the Colony's government! Check out what you'd like to do. Civilian life is perfectly fine and encouraged! Click here.

Cross-Faction Campaigns

As mentioned above, House Nor'theldron will be supporting the quel'dorei's settlement in Suramar, however Thalryssa's fledgling regime comes at a time of more war, more uncertainty with our renewed assault on the Broken Shore. Ambitious, opportunistic nobles emerge in times such as these, and the Dominion of the Sun no doubt has begun to court their own favour.

The Suramar Campaign discord will be undergoing some layout changes as we settle into having our own bases within the city, as well as the friction we'll encounter against the sin'dorei who are doing the same. RP-PVP and X-Fac D20 events are going on for the story all throughout April!

Alliance RP

Got a few things on this!

House of Nobles
There's many changes happening in the Stormwind House of Nobles multi-guild RP group, and the Convocation has a Diplomatic Delegation that will be attending it to represent the high elves who are in Stormwind. If you'd like to get in on that, bring it up!

Vince heads this up, rogues only! Get in with the SI:7 community RP and their clandestine, sneaky events. Whisper Specialist in Highguard or just poke Vince when you see him.

Light's Accord
With the renewed Legion assault, the Light's Accord reignites with the purpose of closing off the Tomb, and joining the Army of the Light as they take the fight against darkness, across the stars. Holy divisions from various guilds get together in Discord and organise GLORIOUS CRUSADES. Paladins/Priests only!

Tournament of Ages
This year it'll start August 6th! Get your Silver Covenant tabards and prepare to compete or sell elven wares at our booth!

New D20 Pet System
This has been a bit of a tricky thing to work with, but let's see how this works out for everyone:

Command will be capped off at 10 points, and is the modifier for attack, magical defense, physical defense, and endurance.

The pet and its commander may attack at the same time.

New D20 Bromance System by Bakuzan

Have you ever wanted your character to fulfill more of a support role without the rigors or squeamish IC knowledge of first aid, or being relegated to a healing role? Do you yearn to save your companions from dangers unknown, but their rolls are just... so godawful.

With the new Heroes of Warcraft BROMANCE stat, now your character can intervene beyond the nail-biting suspense of a DM-instituted saving throw. Be the support class you've always wanted to be with guaranteed roll bonuses to assisted players!

BROMANCE is a new stat that directly correlates into saving the hides of those less fortunate - you can now intervene before they emote with your own +1 to +4 to their roll results! Someone need a little more assistance with their attack roll? BROMANCE it. An ally about to be squished by a falling environmental hazard? BROMANCE that, too! It's infinitely useful in combat scenarios where compatriots need just a little more of a push to succeed.

Simply add BROMANCE to your attack sheet in multiples of 5, up to 20 - (5, 10, 15, 20 only) for a +1, +2, +3 or even +4 to an ally's roll result! Call it out in the thick of battle or whisper to them after rolls are finished, letting them know your assistance is on the way, then emote your reaction and aid!

A BROMANCE assist takes up a player's attack phase; players cannot roll twice in one round (for their own rolls + an assist).

For example:
Wey-Chung, Taldarick and Raegil are combating a nefarious Darkspear headhunter! They get the opening strike.
Wey-Chung charges (performs his own attack roll).
Taldarick is given a BROMANCE assist by Raegil.
Taldarick rolls; Raegil adds her BROMANCE stat to his final roll and does not get to roll herself
(her turn is utilized to buff Taldarick's roll by +1 to +4.)

Following defensive turns, the player's next action/attack round is negated. This applies to both combat and action rolls (perception checks, etc.) at DM discretion. Take a round to relax, you just played the hero!

For example, on a defensive turn:

Wey-Chung, Taldarick and Raegil are still fighting the Darkspear headhunter.
He hurls a flurry of spears at the group!
Taldarick passes his defensive roll, Raegil passes hers, but Wey-Chung fails his by 3.
If Raegil has <15 in her BROMANCE stat, she can step in on that defense phase to save him, but then sacrifices the following attack phase.

BROMANCE can be a game-changer during those rolls where it’s almost too close to call, and it’ll be exciting to see how players implement it in combat scenarios. Don’t be shy on giving us feedback and suggestions when it comes to implementing this new stat!

That's all for now! Shin'do Highguard! :squig:
Aeriyth / Feb 25, 2017

Our beloved flapping companions can now gain experience by accompanying the Highguard out on the field. Forge a lasting bond with your Sprite Darter and unlock surprises for both of you along your journey.

All you need is a Sprite Darter Hatchling, and its own TRP3 profile to keep track of progression, which is really simple. All of them start out at Level 1, and levelling up is as follows:

Level 1-2: Complete 1 event
Level 2-3: Complete 2 events
Level 3-4: Complete 3 events
Level 4-5: Complete 4 events
Level 5 unlocks Faerie Fire, an ability the Sprite Darter can use to reveal stealthed or invisible units in a designated area.
Level 5-6: Complete 5 events
Level 6-7: Complete 6 events
Level 7-8: Complete 7 events
Level 8-9: Complete 8 events
Level 9-10: Complete 9 events
Level 10: Complete 10 events, and listen to the Fey Drunk Darters sing their lullaby with your companion. Rewards a Hand-Made Friendship Bracelet of +4 Magical Defense.

Aeriyth / Sep 24, 2016
Legion is here, and so are some changes and new features!

Table of Contents
1. Silver Hand Restructure
2. Battlemage Corps Update
3. New D20 Features
4. Factions
5. Wikia

Silver Hand Restructure

With the arrival of a grave evil upon Azeroth, and the loss of Highlord Tirion Fordring, unity within the Silver Hand is more important than ever. Now, the Silver Hand of Quel’Thalas is jointly lead by all of the Knights within, hosting roundtable discussions on pertinent matters and educating the next generation as a whole, alongside your brothers and sisters of the Virtues.

-The Horsemen have been removed.
-Paths have been removed.
-Uniform weapon for the division is now universally the Holy artifact (it clearly isn't that IC) to tie in with existing Silver Hand lore. HAMMERS AND BOOKS FOR EVERYONE!
-The title of ‘Highlord’ has been replaced with ‘Chapter Master’ and is no longer in use because -with Legion, we know it to define the leader of the order as a whole.
-Aspirancy and Squireship on the wiki have been updated to reflect the loss of the Horsemen and their specific trials.
-The structure has changed to the following:

Chapter-Master: Dame Alwynen Dawnwrath oversees the Chapter and aids with administration, but the decisions on the Order are made by the body of Knights that resides within it. The Chapter Master does not hold a vote unless a tiebreaker is needed.

Knight: Knights are the primary body of the Silver Hand’s leadership, a community effort at a round table that focuses on the upbringing of the next generation along the Three Virtues, over politics. 

Squire: Squires accompany a Knight in battle, shedding the robes of Aspirancy for training in the martial aspects of life, and defending the Faithful. They are very much still students, but not in the way Aspirants are.

Aspirant: Aspirants are new to the Order of the Silver Hand, and spend their time diligently seeking, absorbing the knowledge of those great in the Light before us. They are not yet ready to Squire to a Knight, and follow the path of the studious Clerics of Northshire.

Not within the structure, but still of note:

Order Lector: In charge of the education that Squires and Aspirants receive  at large. Is responsible for coordinating with the Quel’Danas clergy, arranging lessons, administering rites and playing a part in ceremonies.

Battlemage Corps Update

The Battlemage Corps has been revamped to bring more of a feel to the class and division fantasy! Affinities are added for use in the D20 system for those of appropriate ranking:

“Magic is dangerous, it will burn the untrained. Or unlucky.” 
- Archmage Dal’itha Manawhisper

Frost: A mage with the affinity for frost prefers the spells that cripple enemies, slow them, or even impale them with fierce icicles. They can cast a secondary roll for all offensive spells utilizing the frost/water skill. Roll 1-5, whatever you get you can add to your roll. Should the attack still fail to deal any damage to the enemy, they will become frostbitten. Causing all damage for the duration of the event to be diminished by the number of the roll.

Flame: A mage with the affinity for flame is one who knows how to wield the fearsome flame fearlessly, without being burned. They have the ability to disperse the scorching of enemy flame, rolling 1-5 in addition to their normal defensive roll. However, if they roll a 1, their spell will still work, but they become overheated and take 2x fire damage for three player defense turns.

Arcane: A mage with an affinity for the base arcane, a master of the power of the god-like titans and cosmos, they are able to better understand the workings of the universe. Upon a perception check, they will have the chance to roll an additional time, if they did not pass the first time. If they fail a second time, the power of the cosmos blinds them, causing any further perception checks to be halved.

Apprenticeship System:

Any Magister/Magistrix can take an apprentice. Said apprentice must be of the Battlemage rank, and not be apprenticed by any other. A magister/magistrix may ‘gift’ an apprentice to another magister, putting the responsibility of training them upon the other magister.

Magister’s Responsibilities: 
Train the Apprentice in the ways of magic, giving them basic knowledge of at the very least four schools. (More are always appreciated.)
Mentor them in the proper use of magic, and the proper control required for a magic user.

Design a ‘final exam’. This must be vetted by the Warmagus first, before it is sanctioned to be conducted.

Apprentice’s Responsibilities: 
Learn from your master. Respect your master, but do not be a slave. 
Ask constant questions, strive to learn more.
Show sufficient improvement during their apprenticeship, culminating in a ‘final exam’ of the Magister’s own design.

Ranking Up

Initiate: Go through an interview with the Warmagus

Battlemagi: Attend 2 D20 events - alternatively, host an event.

Sorcerer/Sorceress: Complete your apprenticeship.

Magister/Magistrix: Host a magical artifact/item of power retrieval and/or creation event that includes D20 combat/activities, supervised by an officer. Alternatively, prove your magical knowledge and combat prowess by defeating a summoned enemy. (Supervised by the Warmagus, each member will have a different enemy selected to suit their skillset, and counter it.)

Minister: Handpicked by the Warmagus out of the Magister rank, must display overall skill with magic and prowess at using it for battle. They must also show social skills, and the ability to make sound decisions. They must also (most often) be liked by many of the circle, as an unpopular leader is one that does not rule through guidance, but by suppression.

Warmagus: Picked from the Ministers should the unfortunate event of the previous Warmagus’s demise. Or of course, their retirement. But demise often follows those that take up this position, as it puts them in a rather dangerous and public position.

New D20 Features

Racial bonuses were something many of you wanted to see implemented, so we’ve gone ahead and done it with a two-tier bonus system. Every race gets a stat bonus, and a secondary trait based off of their in-character race. How would this reflect upon your character sheet? Let’s take a look at a high elf mage’s character sheet with this new system:

That’s all you have to do! Racial bonuses do not count towards the skill point cap. As for the secondary bonuses, just add them to the bottom of your TRP! Your DM will most likely remember what applies to you on rolls, but it’s always good to be knowledgeable on your own in case you’d like to try your hand at leading some events.


There are a few factions throughout the Broken Isles that the Highguard will come into contact with. Reputation can be earned with some of them through the outcome of events and choices made within them, while other factions might not be so keen to the idea. Rewards can vary from location-based buffs, to companion pets. Reputation is not a character-by-character system, and the actions of those under the Highguard’s banner will directly shape how the order as a whole is interacted with in events to come.

This system is designed for TRP3: Extended, but is in use now since we're still waiting on that addon to be released, which is slated for the end of November 2016.


Last but certainly not least, in taking with the system of the Silver Redoubt’s wikia, we’ve put together a Highguard Wikia that holds information on guild locations, NPCs, items, factions and story arcs. It is by no means a finished product, and that’s because we want you to add onto it. Add the NPCs in your storylines, ancient artifacts uncovered, blueprints and gizmos -- add it.  Page templates for a specific category can be found on pages in that category, have an explore.

We're having a fantastic expansion so far, and we've been invited to an RP PVP campaign that focuses on the Gilnean vs Forsaken tension in Stormheim. Gear up and praise Squig!
Aeriyth / Sep 12, 2016

With the advent of the Legion's arrival on Azeroth and subsequent destruction of the majority of the Winds' holdings, routes and supplies, the Trade Baron has signed multiple agreements with the Ranger Lady of the Highguard to become a subsidiary of the Silver Covenant; armed with the greatest of Thalassian culture, cuisines and command, the affable Trade Baron aims to aid their allies with the mightiest of acquisitioning skills that Azeroth's ever witnessed.

Our good friends over at <Four Winds Trade Co> have come on board with the Silver Covenant as our Department of Acquisitions! They have a new division-rank within the guild, lead by Bakuzan and helped by her trusted officers from FWTC, but Bakuzan's also been made an officer of the Highguard.

Most of you have some experience with our Pandaren friend. She's a fantastic, driven GM with so many creative, fun, silly and serious events she can't wait to lead for everyone. Ulyon, Taldarick, Tinkaa, Weychung, Bronsilav and Lyndi join us as well, each of them immensely talented at guild administration, stories, shenanigans, events and more. You guys know them, they're great. Everyone's great, everything's great, and Legion is going to be one damn good expansion for us.


Acquisitions is not within the Silver Covenant's military command. Don't worry about being bossed or ordered around, Acquisitions is entirely its own thing with its own structure, run by Bakuzan and her trusted. Now, this does not mean you *can't* attend our military events, but if you do, your character *is* under that commanding officer for the duration of the event. No Leeroys!

The communication devices you had in Four Winds have ICly been made compatible with the Arcane Beacon network.

Being in the Acquisitions division does not limit you from the RP you can have with other divisions. If you have a pious character, a Knight, an aspiring wizard, whatever it may be -- come to those division events. They would LOVE having you, and you can progress your character in unique ways only available in an official Military. Learn magic with the Battlemagi, achieve your dreams of being knighted by squiring for one of the Silver Hand, grow or lend your talents in the life-saving business by seeking out the Chief Medical Officer, or get some real training with a bow and arrow.

We're one big family OOCly, and we're going to have a lot of fun in Legion.
Aeriyth / Aug 27, 2016

We're approaching the Legion's launch date really fast, and another small dose of changes to set us up for storylines on the Broken Isles.

Division Perks:

(sub-division) HELLGUARD:
When demons are near, you gain advantage (roll twice, take the higher of the two) on perception checks. Illidari take no fel damage and once every 5 turns may use Spectral Sight for a guaranteed flawless perception check from the DM.

Rangers -Windrunner's Legacy: Every successful defense roll in a wooded area grants a counter attack for normal damage.

Outrunners - Cannot Touch This: Advantage on physical defense rolls due to agility.

Skyguard - Danger Zone: Your mount has an attack against opponents and can attack with you on attack phases. Can also be attacked by hostiles. Mount attack/defense modified by your Command skill.

Highguard Sentry Character Sheet
Finally implementing these guys! Set their TRPs up with this character sheet, they get to participate in attack rolls too!

Highguard Sentry Charsheet Template:

Weapon Skills:
Hand to Hand: 20

Schools of Magic:
Arcane: 20

Technology Skills:
Thalassian: 10

Support Skills:
Endurance: 10
Magical Defense: 20
Physical Defense: 15
Command: 11

Arcane Zap: Blasts a target with a handful of Arcane. [Arcane modifier]
Pummel: Exactly what it says on the tin. [Hand-to-Hand modifier]
Stomp: Yep. [Hand-to-Hand modifier]
Smash: Mhm.  [Hand-to-Hand modifier]
Arcane Explosion: Like the mage ability, deals damage to all around. [Arcane modifier]
Taunt: Says something rude at a target to get its attention. Not guaranteed to be rude. [Command modifier]

Additional D20 shenanigans
Slowly we've been adapting more traits from D&D 5e such as Advantage (roll twice, take the higher of the two) and Disadvantage (roll twice, take the lower of the two), and a common trait amongst tabletop RPG games, multi-dice rolls. Sometimes you'll see something call for a 2d6 or 4d8, that simply means to /roll 6 twice and adde m up, or /roll 8 four times for the sum. Sounds complicated, but people are picking it up quite well.

A neat trick is that Perception Checks can be used on NPCs and sometimes, in rare cases, other players to detect if they're trying to lie, or are hiding something. It can be a valuable insight for events.

Only a few days now. Shin'do Highguard!