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Warcraft Patch 7.0: What to do before Legion!

Aeriyth / Jul 19, 2016
We've released many guild updates in preparation for our Legion stories, here you can find what to do before Legion!

  • Download DynamicCam, an Addon that helps you with a hidden feature in 7.0 added by Developers that gives WoW an RPG-feel. This addon is a must-have for any who suffer from Motion Sickness and want to use the new camera function with much more customisibility.
  • Don't want or need the addon? Here are the console commands for the new RPG camera:
  • /console actioncam full
  • /console actioncam basic (to get rid of the slight bobbing of the camera)
  • /console actioncam off (to go back to normal)
  • Make the swap to Total RP 3 in preparation for the Extended verison that allows us to name NPCs and create interactive storylines with them!
  • Download Gryphonheart Items, an addon that allows you to create your own custom Roleplay items that are coded to do neat things! We have the Arcane Beacon through these, and will be adding more items that increase your D20 stats.
  • Make a wiki entry for your character, or characters, on the Moon Guard Wiki. You won’t get a rank badge without one! There's a guide on how to do it here.
  • Once you've made your wiki page, click here to get a Rank Badge!
  • Create your D20 character sheet, Hero Ability and put your Division Perk (Look for 1.3.0 on the page) in your TRP!
  • Get familiar with the new ranks, divisions and division changes here.
  • The Reforged Sun Offensive has begun! Get your titles and tabards to wear for when the Legion invades August 17th!
  • Download the latest update to Messageboard for Patch 7.0.3 here.

We have the following positions available:
  • Prime Historian
  • The Prime Historian is a well-respected seat within the Curators of Thalassian Culture. The Prime Historian is in charge of documenting the Silver Covenant's actions at this pinnacle point in history. This is both an IC and OOC position, so a VERY IMPORTANT ONE utilising Message Board's Storyline section to write accounts of guild stuff.


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