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Sprite Darter Training Mini-Game

Aeriyth / Feb 25, 2017

Our beloved flapping companions can now gain experience by accompanying the Highguard out on the field. Forge a lasting bond with your Sprite Darter and unlock surprises for both of you along your journey.

All you need is a Sprite Darter Hatchling, and its own TRP3 profile to keep track of progression, which is really simple. All of them start out at Level 1, and levelling up is as follows:

Level 1-2: Complete 1 event
Level 2-3: Complete 2 events
Level 3-4: Complete 3 events
Level 4-5: Complete 4 events
Level 5 unlocks Faerie Fire, an ability the Sprite Darter can use to reveal stealthed or invisible units in a designated area.
Level 5-6: Complete 5 events
Level 6-7: Complete 6 events
Level 7-8: Complete 7 events
Level 8-9: Complete 8 events
Level 9-10: Complete 9 events
Level 10: Complete 10 events, and listen to the Fey Drunk Darters sing their lullaby with your companion. Rewards a Hand-Made Friendship Bracelet of +4 Magical Defense.



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