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A Future in Suramar

Aeriyth / Apr 28, 2017
While the support of House Inarthis was stolen away from the sin'dorei, they managed to strike a heavy blow against Nor'theldran Estate, and with it the death of the House's leader, Elon.

Elon begrudgingly took a shine to the high elves that stumbled upon one of his tomes in Azsuna, and championed their entry into Suramar's Crescent Resistance. He, along with his beloved Erona Valtorin, took in the would-be colonists as they proved themselves fearsome, and vital allies against Elisande and the Legion's hold on Suramar. When the time came to march upon the Nighthold, and the Grand Magistrix unleashed the Time-Lock spell, it was Elon's bravery in blasting the Highguard backwards that enabled them to further pursue the city's liberation, even at the temporary cost of his imprisonment. When the Nighthold was freed, so was Arcanist Elon, and he pledged the support of his house to the high elven effort to settle within.

He was a very good man.

House Nor'theldran is survived by Erona Valtorin, whom - at the time of the assault upon the estate - was elsewhere in the city helping Niieve Dawnsorrow give birth to a healthy, baby boy; Vastion Dawnlight.

As the elves of the Convocation look forward, the Broken Shore is within sight. A home must be established within Suramar, a navy rebuilt and defenses established to protect the jewel of a hard-won fight.


We're transitioning RP focus. At last, we can set up a home inside the city. Scope out places to live, set up RP and what-not around Lunastre Estate. With the city's ships and harbour, it's an easy staging point for an assault on the Isles, given that the Highguard's naval capacity was reduced during the first assault on it.

There's much to get started on for the settlement, and after you've picked where your character would like to live, pick what they'd like to do within it! Colonial guard, Intelligence, Magical education, tradeskills, what-have-you! For more reading on who heads up what, and what's out there, click here.



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